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    We have a girl expecting a litter, but we currently do not have any kittens. We will be glad to give referrals to prospective new Mau parents.

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    Our Cattery

    We have been blessed with guidance from some of the most experienced Egyptian Mau breeders in the United States. We strive for excellence in everything we do and do our best to provide kittens of excellent health and temperament. We begin by carefully choosing our breeding cats for both adherence to breed standard and their outgoing, friendly personalities. Genetics are a strong factor in coloring and body shape, but the most important factor affecting personality is socialization. Kittens imprint from about 3-7 weeks; it is vital that they bond with humans and are exposed to a variety of sights and sounds during this time to become exceptional companions. We are not a kitten mill, nor are our cats living unhappy lives in tiny cages; instead, our Maus are treated lovingly and ethically -- prioritizing their health and safety.

    Egyptian Maus

    This breed has the exotic look and movement of the Bengals, Abyssinians, and Savannahs; however, their smaller size and scaled down activity level make them better pets for some families. Although they love to jump and play, my babies also enjoy a fair amount of lap time, too. While genetic testing links them to the small, wild cat of Egypt depicted in ancient hieroglyphics (mau is related to the Egyptian word for cat), they have been domesticated for a sufficient number of generations that Maus bond well with humans. Breeds tracked through hundreds of generations have developed not only predicable appearances, but also more predictable personalities/traits. For example, Maus are extremely intelligent and quick, but still have more of a desire to please humans than some other breeds. Mine follow me from room to room and have learned to predict when I want them in my lap or would prefer that they just play nearby. Their short, silky coats make care easy; their high level of intelligence allows them to be easily trained to walk on a leash, play fetch, do tricks, etc; and their chirpy, chortle vocalizations will lift your heart!!!!


    Your new kitten will need time to adjust to his or her new environment. I strongly recommend pairing your kitten with another pet to keep him or her company. If you purchase a litter-mate, I will deduct $100 from your total. When you arrive home, for the first few days, try confining your new kittens to a kitten-proof room when you are unable to monitor them. Remember, these are babies who do not automatically know to avoid chewing on your wires or walking around an open toilet. That said, new kittens should not be left unsupervised with young children or other non-littermate pets for a few days so that appropriate boundaries can be established. Expect a bit of hissing/staring with a bushing tail/etc. when first introducing your kitten to an established cat or dog. Before long, however, your kitten will probably be sharing a bed with the other pet in your house. Unless you purchase a litter-mate to keep him or her company, plan to bring your new family member home when you have a couple of days to spend with him or her. Although Egyptian Maus are not overly clingy, they will not thrive in isolation. If everyone in your home works long hours and you cannot manage to also bring home a litter-mate, please do not purchase a kitten from us.

    Health Guarantee

    A pure-bred cat is a large investment in a companion that we expect to keep you company for a decade or more. Upon bringing home a kitten, you will have ten days to return him or her for a full refund for any reason. We test our sire/dam and take our kittens to our vet for full examinations; however, it is possible (though unlikely) that an undetected genetic health issue that endangers your kitten is identified in the 1st year; if this occurs, we will refund the purchase price or allow you to trade in your kitten for a new one, with either proof of defect from your vet with a live kitten returned or a diagnostic necropsy. If you are providing quality care for your Egyptian Mau, but he or she dies unexpectedly for any reason within the first 3 years (such as a family car accident), we will allow you to choose a kitten from our next litter with a diagnostic necropsy . Buyers are responsible for the costs involved in returning a kitten or performing the diagnostic necropsy; the cattery is not responsible for any vet fees incurred by the new owner once the kitten is in the new owner's possession. If an owner can no longer care for a kitten for any reason, the owner may return the kitten to the cattery, but the owner is responsible for transporting the kitten to us and will not receive a reimbursement as older kittens/cats are difficult to place.

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    Once our next litter is born, prospective parents may make a deposit. Prospective parents may choose their kittens in the order that deposits are received. You may sign up at the bottom of our website to be informed when new litters arrive. Smoke kittens are $700. Silver kittens are $1200. These prices do not include delivery. If you place a deposit, but do not find a kitten to your liking in the current litter, your deposit may be used on the next litter, but is nonrefundable.
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  • Placement Details


    Your new kitten will go home with some of his/her current food. You should bring a carrier. Kittens make better pets when they have had more time with their mother to learn how to behave with people and other animals. I recommend waiting 12 weeks. Please prepare an inside area for your kitten. Egyptian Maus can run 35 miles an hour, so allowing them outside may mean that you lose your pet. Furthermore, our contract will include a clause against declawing. The kitten will be altered before placing.


    Our cattery is located in ​Southeast TN near Benton. By texting ahead --(423)716-7678 -- you may come by for a visit. If you do not choose one of our babies, I strongly encourage you to visit any cattery you are considering before paying a deposit. Delivery costs are not included in the cost for the kitten. Shipping costs are the actual cost for the flight for one person with the kitten. Some families choose to fly someone out (CHA is the Chattanooga Airport a bit over 1 hr. away) and bring the kitten back as a carry on. We can meet you at the airport if you do not wish to inspect our home where we raise our Maus. We can also drive and hand-deliver your kitten for $1 per mile (from Benton, TN), working around my schedule as a teacher.


    As I suspect your family vet will tell you, spayed or neutered cats make much better pets as their personalities will be more family-oriented. Unaltered males will likely spray, have foul urine, and be anxious to travel to "find love." Unaltered females are at risk for deadly infections if left in heat too long. We prefer to alter before placing the kitten.


    We do not take deposits on unborn kittens. To have a kitten "held" once he or she is born, you may pay a deposit of $250 for a smoke or $500 for a silver. The deposit is not refundable, but if you decide upon meeting your new kitten that he or she isn't quite what you had in mind, you may apply the deposit to any other available future kittens until you find a perfect match for your family. I recommend coming out to meet your kitten before paying a deposit, if possible. I will do my absolute best to send appropriate photos and describe the personality accurately. Feel free to send someone on your behalf to look over the kitten for you. If there is a health issue that is not noted at the time of your deposit, we will refund the deposit in full. We accept Paypal and cash. A check must be received 10 days before pick up and clear before we will release the kitten. Our contract will include a clause asking the new owner not to declaw the kitten.

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    Deposits are nonrefundable unless the kitten has a non-disclosed, serious health defect.  If there is a health problem, the deposit will be refunded in full. If you pay a deposit, but find that the kitten's personality isn't quite what you wanted, you may apply your deposit to any future kitten. Kittens must be altered/spayed unless another arrangement has been made. Once purchased, the new owner has two weeks to have the kitten screened by his or her own vet. If a change of circumstance causes the new owner to re-home his or her cat, Pippskittens will house and attempt to find a new forever home; however, no funds will be returned. Shipping/delivery costs vary and are not included in the cost of the kitten. A $100 discount will be given to the total cost if two kittens are purchased at one time. A $50 referral fee will be paid to owners whose excellent experience with one of our kittens leads another approved pet home to purchase and keep a kitten from Pippskittens.